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November 8, 2017
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Have you ever looked at marble and wondered where it came from or how it was made?  Have you ever been awe struck by the beauty that radiates from marble.  Marble is a popular choice now in homes and businesses because of it beauty and elegance but also for its long lasting durability.  But making the decision to use marble for a countertop can be a bit tricky if you are unfamiliar with how to care for it.

First let’s start off with just a bit of history on how marble is produced, where it comes from and what is uses are.  Marble is composed mainly from limestone it is a metamorphosed rock that is composed from recrystallized minerals such as calcite or dolomite.  But it most commonly comes from limestone.  Marble is very shiny and has been used in monuments around the world as well in churches and cathedrals.  The word marble originates from  the Greek word mármaron meaning sparkle or gleam.  When you are looking at marble you will see it has a variation of colors throughout it.  These swirls and variations are from other mineral deposits in the stone such as clay and sand.  The purest marble is bright white and the color of marble can even be green depending on what is imbedded in the composition of the stone as well. Marble is produced in the US in many states.  However, the one that produces the most marble is Alabama, Texas, Vermont, Tennessee Colorado and Montana.

Marble was used vastly by sculptures and artist and has even been seen in cathedrals.  Its beauty is without compare and the durability is unsurpassable. So it was no surprise when it started being used in commercial building and homes.

With your home remodel you may be interested in using it as a countertop.  Great choice!  But let’s talk about some pro and cons of having a marble countertop.

Some of the pros for having a marble countertop is the fact that it is very beautiful. It will be sure to catch the eye of every person who passes by it.  Marble is also very cool by nature.  It does not conduct heat very well making it good to work with pastries if that is your thing.  Marble has many forms and colors and you will be pleased to know that you can actually get it at a very inexpensive price.  If you are looking at more the rare types of marble you may find it to put a major dent in your pocket. Unlike quartz, marble is widely available and can found nearly everywhere nowadays.

The pros definitely outweigh the cons tho and for that we are glad.  One of the cons for marble is that it is very soft and easily scratched.  And over an extended period of use you will find that it can turn even dull…losing it luster with age and use.  Marble is also very porous therefore it is very susceptible to staining.  So be careful with that wine glass.

If you have a busy lifestyle and really don’t have the time or patience it takes to properly care for your marble countertop then maybe this isn’t the right choice for you.  But with a little TLC you will be sure to enjoy your marble countertop for years to come.


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