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January 28, 2017
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A number of questions come up during any home improvement project. But, when building or buying a bathroom vanity you have a few specific few that will help put you in the right direction. Using vital questions such as: How much space do I have? And Can I get this thing off the floor? We can direct you to build your perfect bathroom right here in Bristow, Virginia.

Space: Out and Up… and out again.

A bathroom vanity has a unique design when it comes to home improvement. From width, height and depth these options are not part of a predetermined setup in your home. Well, I mean, you are limited to the size of your bathroom but you can always compensate with building up or increasing depth. Take into consideration how much storage space and countertop space you are attempting to achieve when evaluating these dimensions. It is important to understand especially if you buying a premade rather than custom, what your limitation are in terms of space.

Mounting Options

There are three options in mounting, one is the standard, and “free standing” which hoists itself on four legs and rests directly on the floor. This option is built in a desk or chest like fashion. It can be space consuming, but it can also in turn offer a lot of storage options and the availability of multiple sinks. This is the most common option and probably the easiest to find prebuilt in a design that appeals to you.

The second option is a wall mounted with appears to float, as it doesn’t touch the ground. This is a really popular choice in those seeking a more modern look. It’s also great option for those who have smaller bathrooms, you might compromise on storage space but it creates an open floor and creates the illusion of space.

The final option is the least space consuming and is quickly becoming more popular. It is a corner mounted vanity that is structured to fit into any corner of your bathroom. This creates a lot of surrounding space and opens up your bathrooms floor plan.

Sinks and Counter Necessities

With three sink options, it doesn’t stop there, the next question is, how many sinks do you need? Your options are: Under mounted, self-rimming and vessel. Each has its benefits, where the under mounted makes cleaning easy, the Vessel is easier to install and doesn’t require counter and/or vanity modification.

The number options range from 1-2. While it doesn’t seem like a lot of choice the need for two sinks can greatly restrict your options in pre-built vanities and may direct you to seek custom options. The double vanities however bring in a lot of value for families and can be accommodated for a variety of vanity sized. Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean you are limit to one-sink vanity options.

Going Custom

Customizing brings in a lot of availability to build your own style and home design into it. A contemporary design, modern look or rustic feel can fit your bathrooms design or your homes overall feel. Going custom lets you choose: finish, varnish, material, storage space, and back and side design as well.

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