Quartz Countertops for Your Home

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November 5, 2016
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The Why and How
Making the change in countertop options for your kitchen or bathroom can be challenging. The variety in color, material and usefulness creates almost too many options. But in Gainesville Virginia it can be difficult to find a company that will provide clear information on your available choices. That’s where we come to help you out!
Quartz countertops are a great choice in comparison to a number of your other options. Choosing what is best for your home should take into a number of considerations. Including: cost, look, ease in cleaning and longevity. You don’t want to make an installation in your home only to see a number of nicks, and cuts or stains a few years later.
Homeowners unite in two realms. First in constantly wanting to build the value of their home by making improvements and investing in home improvements. But, budgeting is a big part of any home improvement project and taking cost into consideration makes Quartz a prime candidate. So far as countertops go, Quartz countertops are affordable and while cost in terms of volume can quickly escalate, this isn’t true for Quartz. Counter space can easily dictate your cost projected, but lots of counter space shouldn’t put you out of budget to be able do your home improvement project. It is less expensive than alternate options including granite. Don’t compromise on being able to do your home improvement project, or take a drop in quality. Quartz can offer everything you are looking for.
Look and Durability
Not widely known, Quartz countertops are harder and more durable than granite or marble. It is also bound in resin and colorant leaving a cleaner finish and more uniform look. This also provides a completely non-porous surface which is one distinguishing factor from granite. It makes a nearly stain resistant surface by eliminating the opportunity for the surface to absorb any presence that would normally be sucked in. This makes maintenance no problem and extends its longevity unbelievably.
Hygienic Option
The National Sanitation Foundation has approved Quartz countertops as a safe countertop option; however you want to ensure that your selection itself is approved as “NSF” safe. Many Quartz options are manufactured to be hygienic and this can greatly reduce the opportunity for bacteria growth and spreading. What this can mean for your is that your countertops are safe to use for food prep as well as food consumption. Not that you should ditch your plate set.
Cleaning is also made easy with quarts and requires no special treatment or chemicals. It means that with some mild soap, and warm water your counters are completely clean. No once a year sealing and there isn’t any need for excess chemical exposure. Fewer chemicals in your kitchens are always the safer options. Quartz countertops offer the unique availability to boost your kitchen or bathrooms cleanliness and ease the needs for continued maintenance.

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