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Before you learn the most important tips for cleaning and caring for Silestone kitchen countertops, we will describe what Silestone is and how it is made! Silestone is a high quality quartz material with integrated hygiene protection !
September 25, 2020
Granite has a hardness of 6 on the Mohs’ scale. This means that granite is highly resistant to scratches. However, we still recommend using a wooden saucer for cutting granite countertops.
October 17, 2020

The natural aesthetics and sheer beauty of Granite can be enjoyed from the floor to the ceiling in a bathroom. A few great examples are Granite tub surrounds, Granite shower enclosures, and Granite vanity tops.


- Natural stone in general is a solid rock that sticks out of the ground in many places.

- Another term is artificial stone. Artificial stone is a block of natural material that is cut, milled and ground into a specific shape.

- Agglomerated marble consists of natural rock debris embedded in an artificial mass.

- The main components of natural stone are the minerals. Minerals are solid, natural substances of uniform chemical composition.

- The rock age of granite is 100 to 200 million years.

- The main minerals of granite are feldspar, quartz and mica. The feldspar gives the granite its color. Quartz is milky white, mica is shiny silver.

- From the origin granite belongs to the group of hard rocks. Here one differentiates between the deep rocks (here the rocks are solidified in the depth, like granite) and the effusive rocks (which are solidified at the surface, like basalt).

- The weight of the rocks is 2500 - 3000 kg/m³.

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