Seeking the Right Kitchen Countertop
January 5, 2017
Seeking the Right Kitchen Countertop
January 5, 2017

Tasteful kitchens can start with the centerpiece of great kitchen countertops. Trends have gone through the years but finding a timeless option can boost your home’s value and open you up to many other design options. Swapping out kitchen countertops can be a big project and gathering up as much as information as possible can help you make the best decision for your home. Before making big choices, understand how each material and installation can affect your budget, kitchen and time tables. Decide before you buy on thickness, what trends you are interested in, what textures appeal to you and what colors work best!

Remodel Options and Advantages

From selections in stone, laminate, wood, concrete… to backsplash or not to backsplash… the possibilities are endless. How will you make a statement and show that your remodel was worth it? What will you be happy with for years to come? Making your decision for your Clifton, VA home can be difficult but we’re here to help. Breaking down your options and helping you to sort out how your decision can be flexible and affordable.

Material: Benefits and Downfalls

Stone options including: marble, granite, slate and soapstone are great for durability and longevity. However some of these options can quickly become costly and often this can be directly attributed to the amount of counter space you have a need to replace. While stone options are timeless and work with many surrounding design options they aren’t your only choice. In selecting your kitchen countertop replacements you need to evaluate the benefits and downfalls associated to each. Stone countertops are quickly becoming a more popular choice and have been identified to be exceptionally hygienic.

Wood and butchers block options are big trends in home improvement currently however, have sustained longevity. It is also a great selection for those who prefer to do their preparation and cutting right on the counter. However, it does require treatments for sealing and can show scratches, nicks and cuts. But!! Those can be corrected with mild sanding and resealing.

Laminate is also an option and a much cheaper one if you are searching for affordability. It is most susceptible to scratches and daily damage. However low maintenance is a great benefit and with the affordability can open up opportunity to carry out other home improvement projects in your kitchen.

Affordability and Budgeting

When discussing the benefits we somewhat evaluated each options affordability. Take into consideration the amount of counter space you are working with as well as how long you want the material to last. In Clifton Virginia it can be difficult to find clear, accurate and consistent information on how to budget for your home improvement project. Don’t get discouraged! After evaluating the amount of counter space begin to take into consideration how each can require maintenance and what your extended budget can take. Will you be able to sustain the sealing and treatments that some options require?

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