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November 9, 2017
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November 9, 2017

Marble countertops are metamorphic rocks that are made up of recrystallized carbonate minerals which are usually calcite or dolomite. Marble is created by the physical or chemical change of sediment into a closely compacted form through heat and pressure. The creation of marbles embeds minerals in a pattern and this ensures that there are never identical slabs.

Marble is prone to staining as it is a metamorphic stone, it is however, not as hard as granite but it is also not as soft as soapstone. Due to its low abrasion rating it is subject to being easily scratched and it is very sensitive to acidic solutions. Although it seems as though there are many cons associated with marble it is very heat resistant, it is strong in nature and it does not easily chip or dent.

Like its counterpart granite, marble if also available in an array of natural colors like hues of white, gray, black, green, yellow, pink and some of them have black, vein patterns and any other forms of subtle patterns. Marble countertops also come with different finishing offers. The most commonly used finishes are polished, leather and honed.  A honed finish or matt finish is created by the marble being sanded down to a satiny-smooth or almost soft feel. It’s safe to say that due to the sanding down of the marble scratches and or flaws are not easily visible. A polished finish on the other hand is when the marble is ground and buffed until it has a high gloss slick surface. This finish emphasizes the details in the marble’s color, veining and character. Leather finishes on the other hand are created by the adding of a leather-like texture to a honed surface.

Marble countertops also require sealing due to their weak texture and sensitivity to acid. The sealing will eventually degrade and require reapplication regularly. Although marble countertops are sealed they do require maintenance as simple as wiping up any spills, using neutral stone cleaners and even protecting your surface with a cutting board.

The purchasing of marble can be extremely time-consuming and beyond complicated process. You do not just walk into a shop and buy marble of the top of your head, research and preparation as there are many choices when it comes to marble.  Hence why research is essential, it is best to walk into a warehouse with a direction on what color and patterns. Variety in marble choices are not usually easily accessible and customers are usually restricted to what the store has in supply.

Unlike granite and quartz marble is not the most cost effective countertop choice for your home. They have very high prices which range between $125 and $250 per square foot. Price range of marble generally decreases or increases based on the demand and or availability. The size of the slab also pays an intricate role in the price of marble as the installation may obviously take longer and might be more complex. Regardless of the price of marble countertops they are a historical favorite in kitchens and they have varied design aesthetics to suit every home.

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