Granite Countertops – Always Delivers The Look
November 30, 2017
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December 10, 2017

There are many advantages and disadvantages of having granite countertops in your kitchen particularly or any other area in a house.

Granite countertops are aesthetically attractive and provide a look of elegance and a classy vibe that surrounds your bathroom or kitchen. Although granite countertops can be beneficial there are also some downsides to them.


Granite countertops are widely available around may different areas in the US, for example in Dale City where there are many retailers that provide top quality granite countertops for any part of a home. The materials are good quality and ensure you are not disappointed.

Granite is generally a natural product that is also appealing and a nice element for a household or business – they take a bathroom or kitchen look to the next level and offer a much more enhanced and elegant look that can overall stand out. Moreover there are varies shades of granite that can be worked around as to what is best suited to the current design or a new design for a refurbishment, either way all the colours blend well together and can make your kitchen or bathroom look stunning.

Another advantage is that granite is naturally a solid hard surface that prevents scratches and will seldom form scratches if accidently something sharp was to catch it, it would not merely affect the surface area and is well protected. Granite is also great taking general wear and tear over a certain period of time, meaning it is durable and efficient for all working conditions. Granite also prevents heat causing damage to the surfaces and is able to easily dismiss the heat if applied on the granite countertop surface.

Moreover granite will resist forming stains and also absorbing all kinds of liquids in various forms that can be toxic or contain something powerful. However this is only reliable if the sealing is proper and fit in by a professional installer if not done so – this will ensure it looks good and also provides stability.


Even though granite countertops are durable they have minor problems that can cause issues for homeowners especially when they are not pre sealed by a professional person who can correct it. If not properly done the sealant will eventually start to strip away and will encounter damage the inner and outer layers of the countertop that will not work well when using water or liquids. When used in a kitchen, the damage will be more susceptible to damage from wine, oil, juice and other liquids that can cause further damage if not fixed.

Although some granite countertop owners in Dale City guarantee that the sealant can last 10 years without the sealant coming off, it is not 100% that it will, therefore it is important to recognise this and take action on a yearly basis to prevent staining and other issues on the granite worktop and ensure there are no potentially arising problems as time progresses and they use of the countertop is consistent with its users.


Ultimately Granite worktops are beneficial when looking at the main features and aesthetic design but there are also downsides to consider if looking to redesign a kitchen or bathroom.

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