How to choose the correct kitchen countertop
November 13, 2017
Advantages & Disadvantages of Granite Countertops
December 2, 2017

Granite countertops always look good, whether it is in the kitchen or bathroom and has many other excellent qualities.  Unfortunately, it is not a perfect material and does have some disadvantages you might consider before using it in your home.

Few other countertop materials offer the same aesthetic as granite.  It is a fully natural product and possesses timeless charm.  Granite countertops always provide the perfect finish to any kitchen.  There are various shades to choose from and can easily find a shade that perfectly complements your cabinets and flooring.

Granite is an extremely durable product and does not scratch or dent.  It does not make the ideal working surface, as it will make knifes blunt.  The natural stone is heat resistant and can easily withstand the heat from a forgotten curling iron in the bathroom or a hot pot in the kitchen.

The material is stain resistant and will not absorb water or other liquids after it is properly sealed.  A correctly sealed granite countertop will maintain its looks and luster for a very long time and will then only need an occasional maintenance seal.  However, be careful of continued chemical use when cleaning, as the constant exposure to chemicals will deteriorate the sealing.

Granite is an amazingly hard material but does have a few disadvantages.  Most homeowners are concerned about what happens when the countertops are not sealed correctly.  Granite is porous, which means that when left unsealed or not sealed correctly, the material will absorb liquids and stain.  In the kitchen, this is not ideal as the pores in the material will collect and harbor bacteria.  Further, granite is not as eco-friendly as cement as it is not a renewable natural source.

Some granite countertops have been known to last as long as ten years without needing to reapply a sealant.  However, without regular maintenance the granite it will start to show some wear and tear, as well as stains.

As durable as granite countertops are, dropping a heavy object on the material might cause it to crack or chip, especially on the corners.  The other disadvantage to granite is the cost. Granite countertops can add up to the biggest cost for kitchen or bathroom remodeling.  However, if you want a true statement piece in your home, you can choose a truly unique piece of granite to adorn your countertops, and it will not come cheap.

Homeowners who are avid DIY enthusiasts and who regularly do maintenance around the home themselves should seriously consider installing granite countertops.  Discover Granite in Manassas, VA. has over 40 years’ experience in designing and installing countertops.  They will best advise you on the style, shade and finish to complement the overall look of your kitchen or bathroom.


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