When measuring the room in which you want to plan your new kitchen, you must take special care to measure accurately from wall to wall, documenting all wall recesses, corners and angles. Also record the height of the room, window recesses and any projections, such as those found on fireplaces.
June 28, 2020
To avoid any nasty surprises when planning your kitchen, you should follow the advice…
July 20, 2020

The natural aesthetics and sheer beauty of Granite can be enjoyed from the floor to the ceiling in a bathroom. A few great examples are Granite tub surrounds, Granite shower enclosures, and Granite vanity tops.


Have you decided to plan a large part of your new kitchen yourself? We have put together some important tips for you here to help you avoid planning errors.

• Make sure that there are work surfaces and shelves to the left and right of the hob.
• Is the person who works mainly in the kitchen right- or left-handed? The work sequence should be planned accordingly!
• The main work surface should be located between the sink and the hob. Ideally, it should be at least 60cm wide in small kitchens and 120cm wide in larger ones.
• If you wish to have top cabinets on the countertop, please do not place them in the sink area.
• Does the waste container fit into the cabinet provided?
• Extendable tables should not be located in the area of the main work surface.
• Make sure that door hinges of furniture and appliances are attached in such a way that you have easy access everywhere!
• For corner kitchens, make sure that all cabinets can be opened easily. This is especially true for any corner cabinet next to an extractor fan. The length and depth of the handles are also important!
• Can all drawers be opened easily and without hindrance?
• For a perfect result, cabinets, plinths, light or wreath strips and side panels should be exactly matched in color to the front design.
• There should be sufficient legroom behind fold-out or pull-out furniture and appliance elements.
• Plan storage cabinets for perishable food, as well as refrigerators and freezers, at a sufficient distance from the oven, stove and radiator. Do you install underfloor heating in a new building or when completely renovating? Then take care not to place any heating hammers under the planned kitchen storage areas.
• In the case of cooling appliances, it is essential to ensure the necessary ventilation. For example, in the case of an under-counter refrigerator without plinth ventilation, a ventilation grille must be provided in the countertop. In the case of built-in refrigerators in tall units, the ventilation is normally located in the plinth or in any ceiling panels that may be present.
• In the case of a raised countertop, an undermounting plinth must also be ordered for some appliances.
• When planning with countertop over-deepness, fitting strips, side panels or correspondingly deep base units are necessary. Please also note that elements above them, such as the hob or extractor fan, may have to be brought forward.
• Plan the exhaust air routing for the extractor hood in good time! If you want an open fireplace, you must take care of the supply air, preferably with the help of the responsible chimney sweep. The window circuit for the cooker hood must also be discussed with him, and this must be done before planning and installation!
• Think about necessary and desired accessories and plan them in advance. These can include cutlery inserts, niche back panels, light screens, wreath mouldings, ceiling panels, railing rods, waste bins, lighting and lighting accessories. Important: Do not plan any halogen steel in upper and lower shelves!

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