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The choice of the kitchen form depends on the offer as well as your individual space and space requirements…
August 15, 2020
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Silestone is ideal for use as a kitchen countertop. Before we explain why this is so, and what are the 6 inimitable advantages of Silestone, let us explain what Silestone actually is.
September 4, 2020

The natural aesthetics and sheer beauty of Granite can be enjoyed from the floor to the ceiling in a bathroom. A few great examples are Granite tub surrounds, Granite shower enclosures, and Granite vanity tops.

Impregnate your countertop before you put the kitchen into operation.

The initial impregnation of granite countertops after installation is particularly important. The countertop cleaner is alkaline-based and removes any dirt. It can be applied concentrated or diluted with water in case of heavy soiling. It is important that the cleaner is rinsed with plenty of warm clear water. After the plate is clean and dry, impregnate it with the countertop cleaner.

Take a white, non-fluffy cloth and apply countertop cleaner concentrated on the stone slab. Optically the plate becomes darker now, but this will disappear after applying the stain remover. It is now important to wipe off the material that is still not soaked up on the plate after a few minutes with the white cloth. Too much of this stain stop will then make the stone surface look "smeared". After a few hours, the impregnation develops its full effect. The stone slab can now be used.

When should you impregnate the slab again?

This is best seen when water penetrates the slab and darkens its colour. At the latest then you should apply countertop cleaner again. If the countertop cleaner is no longer available, then the plate should be impregnated again.

The correct care of granite countertops - remove liquids, grease, food residues etc. from the surface of the countertop as soon as possible.

Despite impregnation with the plate stain protector, if liquids or greases are exposed to the stone for a longer period of time, they may penetrate the stone and cause stains. However, if these liquids are removed immediately, this staining can be avoided.

Use a coaster when cutting with a knife or placing a hot pot on the plate.

A coaster on the stone slab is gentle on the surface when cutting food. Natural stone is scratch-resistant as far as possible, but to keep the surface beautiful as long as possible we recommend using a coaster when cutting.

Only use the recommended stone care products for the ongoing maintenance of your slab.

The ongoing maintenance care must be carried out with the countertop cleaner. The pump spray is easy to spray on, leave on and then wipe off. Please only use this spray. It cleans and renews the impregnation.

Use the right stain remover for the best possible care of granite countertops

Even though the slab has been treated carefully, it can happen that you have a stain on the stone slab and want to remove it. The slab stain brooch is a non-binding consultation aid, but it does not guarantee that the stains it contains can be completely removed.

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