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Cooking islands are becoming increasingly popular with hobby cooks. A lot of home owners complement theit quartz countertops with quartz cooking island. There are good reasons for this. Do you find cooking alone boring? Or do you simply wish you had more space to realize your ideas for delicious food?
October 27, 2020
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The stone countertops are subject to a lot of wear and tear in everyday use. A high-quality countertop must be able to withstand these stresses caused by heat and cuts without immediately showing scratches or surface damage. For the kitchen, countertops of uncompromisingly good quality must therefore be chosen.
November 17, 2020

The natural aesthetics and sheer beauty of Granite can be enjoyed from the floor to the ceiling in a bathroom. A few great examples are Granite tub surrounds, Granite shower enclosures, and Granite vanity tops.

Stone countertops (esp. granite countertops as natural stone) convince with their beautiful appearance and long-lasting quality. The Discover Marble & Granite countertop teams can help you find your dream countertop from different versions of stone countertops. What you need to pay attention to when installing new countertops for the kitchen.

Slipping knives, spilled liquids, hot pots and pans: countertops are exposed to great stress every day. Therefore, it should be stable, heat-resistant, easy to clean - and in the best case also decorative. Stone countertops meet these requirements. Marble, quartz or granite countertops - these materials enrich the kitchen design with an attractive appearance. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of the individual natural stones, what costs you have to take into account and what you need to consider when installing stone kitchen countertops.

Variants of stone countertops

Stone countertops have numerous advantages:

- They are extremely robust and stable. If the kitchen knife slips off, there are hardly any scratches.

- Even water and other liquids can hardly harm them. Natural stone countertops are easy to maintain. It is best to use special care products from specialist dealers.

- In addition, stone countertops like their noble appearance, which, depending on the stone chosen, can be integrated into both classic and modern kitchen furnishings.

If you want to equip your kitchen with a stone countertop, there are various models to choose from:

- A marble countertop inspires with its decorative and individually patterned surface. However, marble is softer than most other natural stones and therefore more easily scratched.

- A slate countertop in the kitchen is an excellent match for modern and purist furnishings. Like marble, slate belongs to the softer natural stones and is therefore somewhat more sensitive to scratches than granite or concrete.

- Granite countertops are particularly robust choice. Granite countertops are convincing because of its extreme hardness, which makes the stone extremely resistant. Neither water, nor acids or the effects of sharp knives can harm this material.

- An engineered stone countertop in the kitchen also proves to be decorative. A quartz countertop for the kitchen is an attractive alternative to natural stone. A quartz countertop convinces with its look and gives the kitchen a loft character.

- Natural stone countertops are robust, but sensitive to acids. If acidic foods such as fruit juices come into contact with the tiles, you should therefore remove stains quickly.

Exclusive countertops and their price

Stone countertops, as seen, offer many advantages. However, high-quality countertops are also relatively expensive. However, the investment is worthwhile if you value kitchen furnishings of exclusive quality and durability. The additional costs are paid off by the long durability of stone countertops.

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