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The trend is clearly moving in the direction of white kitchens. The kitchen images from our current projects prove it: almost every second one is finished with white countertops, whether marble, granite countertop or quartz countertop
September 4, 2021
Nowadays, the kitchen is an integral part of the living concept and is gaining more and more importance in living together. This is where people cook, eat, laugh and work together. Integrate a practical counter solution that not only creates additional space, but also gives the kitchen a special eye-catcher.
September 29, 2021

The natural aesthetics and sheer beauty of Granite can be enjoyed from the floor to the ceiling in a bathroom. A few great examples are Granite tub surrounds, Granite shower enclosures, and Granite vanity tops.

Granite countertops naturally need protection and care. With proper treatment, the beauty and attractive appearance of your countertop will be maintained and in some cases can even be enhanced.

Most manufacturers apply a resin treatment to granite at the factory, so if your countertop has not been impregnated, be sure to do so before installation. The impregnation should last ten to fifteen years and be oil and water resistant.

Daily cleaning of the granite countertop

Despite impregnation, granite countertop should not be neglected. For daily cleaning of your granite countertop, it is best to use a simple cloth or sponge and clear water. You can dissolve some dishwashing liquid in the water and dampen the cloth with the mixture.

You should not use strong citrus or vinegar-based, as well as chemical cleaners when caring for granite countertops, as they can attack the stone. Also, do not use bleach or abrasive cleaning powders or cleaning pads.

If you spill something on the countertop, blot it immediately with a paper towel or soft cloth. So don't wipe over the surface, as this can cause spills to spread further.

Deep cleaning

If you spill something on the countertop, blot it immediately with a paper towel or soft cloth. In other words, don't wipe over the surface, as this can cause spills to spread further.

Clean wine, tomato sauce or other difficult stains with a paste of natural stone cleaner and baking soda.

Oils and fats, for example, quickly penetrate and set into the granite countertop; once this happens, the stains are difficult at best to remove with cleaning products. Then all that remains is to wait. This is because these substances evaporate or dry out gradually - until they have completely disappeared. But this can take several years.

If the granite countertops have been neglected, you will need to use a heavy-duty stone cleaner and degreaser to remove dirt, grease or grime. These products are concentrated and designed for deep cleaning without damaging the granite countertop. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.

Additional treatment of your granite countertops

Every few years you should give your granite countertop a makeover. If necessary you should do a deep cleaning and sealing. This is important to ensure that your granite countertops last a lifetime.

The impregnation makes the countertop oil, grease and water resistant. This largely prevents stains or makes them easier to remove. The appearance of the granite countertop does not change, some may become slightly darker. This sealing is suitable for polished surfaces, as well as for rough. The durability remains about 3-4 years depending on the density of the hard stone. At the latest, however, when you see that the plate can absorb water again.

A color intensifier strengthens the colors and a wet effect is created. The surfaces become water resistant. This treatment is suitable for all absorbent i.e. sawn, flamed, sanded and natural rough surfaces. The color intensifier is not suitable for polished surfaces. An occasional repetition is necessary every few years to regain the color intensity.

Important: Always use stone oil to maintain the granite countertop and do not polish the countertop with commercial oil.

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