Nowadays, the kitchen is an integral part of the living concept and is gaining more and more importance in living together. This is where people cook, eat, laugh and work together. Integrate a practical counter solution that not only creates additional space, but also gives the kitchen a special eye-catcher.
September 29, 2021
Kitchen countertops come in many materials – which one you choose depends on your requirements and your taste. This guide gives you an overview of the most common materials like granite.
October 27, 2021

The natural aesthetics and sheer beauty of Granite can be enjoyed from the floor to the ceiling in a bathroom. A few great examples are Granite tub surrounds, Granite shower enclosures, and Granite vanity tops.

How much space do you really need? Especially in kitchen planning, people like to digress and get interested in appliances and solutions that are completely over budget: "The few dollars don't even matter anymore". But you should think very carefully about what you need and what you don't.

When buying a kitchen, make a plan ahead of time, including what you need and what all will go in the kitchen. Do I need space for a microwave, steamer and oven, or does a combination oven make more sense? Do I put a dining table in the kitchen or does it go in another room? How many pots, pans, cups, glasses, plates and kitchen utensils do I need and where do I store them? All questions that are important for kitchen planning, so you won't be annoyed later.

Cabinets and drawer systems

Every kitchen is individual and reflects the personality of the chef. Whether you're a Michelin-starred chef or just making pasta and sauce, think carefully about what's practical and useful for you. Cabinets should always be sized according to your needs. Pull-out cabinets are best, making it easier to remove pots and pans.

These, paired with drawer systems, are space-saving and practical in any kitchen - large or small. If you have high ceilings, you can position cabinets to build upward to save space. Completely individual according to your taste and your kitchen. Apothecary cabinets can also be very practical.

Allow for new additions

If you're someone who is always buying new kitchen appliances or excited about new dishes, you should factor that into your kitchen purchase. After all, new utensils take up space and that space should be there beforehand so that nothing prevents you from buying new. It's always good to have a little more space available than less.

Completely individual

Of course, a kitchen is for cooking. All kitchen appliances are essential for cooking. Cabinets, on the other hand, are only there to store all the utensils. So they should be chosen not only for their design and material, but also for their storage space. The most beautiful cabinets are of no use if almost nothing fits inside. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to drawer systems, storage space possibility and possibly custom cabinets. After all, a kitchen is very personal, so it should not only be beautiful, but also practical.

Make the best use of space

The kitchen should be planned not only based on your ideas, but also on the available space. This means that if, for example, the kitchen has sloping ceilings, has an unusual shape, is particularly large or small, the planning should be based on this. Every angle should be used to advantage, so that the kitchen provides optimal storage space and is completely individual. Then, all of a sudden, the small kitchen is a miracle of space and the sloping roof is no longer an obstacle. You should definitely seek advice from experts who will provide you with perfect solutions and design the kitchen exactly as it makes sense for you and for the space.

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