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February 3, 2022
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You have always dreamed of having that large open kitchen and now is your chance.  It seems that lately homes in Charlottesville is taking trendy kitchen by storm.  People need and want something that is functional and sleek with an open design that just simply works for them and their needs with no fuss.  More floor space, more storage space and a design that is easy to work around in.  A place that if you needed to come to relax and have a nice dinner or a cup of tea, you could just lean back and enjoy the space.  Functionality of trending kitchens have become more and more popular everyday.  But just what does make a kitchen trend?  How do I make my kitchen functional and a place that I can relax in at the same time. Style, style style.  From everything to ample kitchen countertops, to cabinets and storage and even automated water and soap dispensers.  Automated?  Yes, Automated! Now we are not talking the kind of kitchen that is going to make your breakfast itself and have it sitting on your kitchen countertop just the second you walk into it. But there is a few things that is putting the kitchens at the front of the line.


No, it won’t be a kitchen robot that is serving you your tea, but the automation I speak of here comes in a few cool little gadgets.  Light fixtures that turn on and off when you enter the room, hands free soap dispensers and faucets are also taking off.  These have been come a popular item in many kitchens around Charlottesville, VA as they are great energy saving advancements.  But sure these are cool little gadgets to have but there’s still more that is taking hold more everyday.

Stand OUT

You are a little bit bold, sassy, classy and elegant.  You want your kitchen to maybe just stand out a little more, nothing major, but something that will bring they eye to a focal point. With so many choices to choose from you can get that faucet you’ve always wanted.  And the cabinet handles that will make them simply unique.  Be you play out your style, Make your kitchen stand out among the others.  Even more than the fixtures you decided to put in your kitchen another thing that will be sure to take the boring humdrum out of a plain ole kitchen is a nice kitchen countertop.  We know we have all been to the one house where the corners of the counters are chips or peeling back.  This is the cheap pressed particleboard with a veneer glued cheaply over the top and over the years of wear and tear these kitchen countertops eventually start to look a bit run down. Keep your Charlottesville, VA home looking new and up-to-date with a more modern kitchen countertop.  Now there are many different styles and choices to choose from and I am sure that somewhere in Charlottesville, VA you will be sure to find that kitchen countertop that will make your kitchen stand the test of time and above the rest.

In Living Color

Contemporary home owners often stay on top of the trends from furniture, fixtures and even down to the color of the walls.  But you will find that gray is quickly taking hold.  This neutral color gives homeowners the ability to keep their home modern and allow the flair to be added in splashes of colors in the surrounding areas by objects and random pieces of art.  Another trend besides the fifty…forty nine shades of gray that is catching on is high low black to white. Very modern very trending and very metro That will fit any lifestyle.


Contrasting colors are a great way to bring a focal point to any kitchen.  The black and white looks allows you to add that contrasting color and yet keep the simplicity to your kitchen.

These 5 trending kitchen ideas in Charlottesville, VA could be yours, from your kitchen cabinets, automated faucets right down to the kitchen countertops. Charlottesville is taking the kitchens to the top and these are just a few options that are taking kitchens by storm.

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