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The advantages of a marble effect countertop for the kitchen

In this guide, you will find out what the advantages of a countertop with a marble look are compared to a real natural stone countertop. Also, read what you should consider when caring for and installing the countertop and what options there are for the design.

A countertop made of real marble looks classy and aesthetic. However, natural stone is relatively soft, making it prone to scratches and stains. An alternative to the solid marble slab is a countertop with a marble look.

Countertops with a marble look are made of ceramic or laminate. Laminate worktops have a core of the pressboard. The decor is glued onto it. Solid plastic coatings, which are made up of several layers of paper pressed together and soaked in resin, serve as the decorative layer on the countertop. In addition to decors with a marble look, you will also find variants that imitate materials such as wood, concrete, or granite.

Due to the special manufacturing process, laminate panels are relatively lightweight. They are also significantly cheaper than solid marble slabs, for example. Since they are available in many colors and surface structures, they allow you to create almost any design in your kitchen.

In addition to the price aspect and the flexible look, the longevity and robustness are further advantages of the marble-look slabs. You don’t have to worry about scratches from daily tasks in the kitchen. The heat-resistant surface prevents hot pots or pans from damaging the plate. At best, however, you should always use a trivet when you take your pots or pans off the stove and place them on the countertop.

The surface is smooth and non-porous, so dirt cannot settle. Care and cleaning are therefore particularly uncomplicated.

Install countertop in marble look

The installation of a worktop with a marble look usually does not require any great effort. Important before starting work: Check the dimensions carefully and take into account the cut-outs for the built-in sink and hob.

Before attaching the worktop, place the worktop on the base cabinets and check that it fits correctly. Align the base cabinets with a spirit level. If everything fits, you attach the kitchen worktop to the base cabinet.

You fasten the corner pieces of the laminate marble worktop with cross connectors. Glue the end strips with assembly adhesive and seal the edges with silicone. The sink, hob, and fittings are then installed.

Design ideas for countertops in marble look

Marble countertops are very aesthetic and give your kitchen an elegant look. High-quality countertops with a marble look create the natural appearance of the natural stone. Thanks to various versions, you can realize your desired design in your kitchen.

Countertops with a dark marble look are particularly impressive and elegant. Black or dark gray variants integrate perfectly into the modern kitchen but are also suitable for traditional kitchen variants. Dark marble slabs create an exciting contrast in a bright kitchen unit.

Countertops in white marble look timeless and elegant. Light countertops with a marble look give a fitted kitchen or a kitchen island a stylish and modern look. These marble countertops can be perfectly combined with different kitchen styles.

Countertops with a marble look in gray are also very popular. This variant impresses with its natural appearance. Gray countertops with a marble look stylishly round off the design of both light and dark kitchen fronts.

Maintain countertops in marble look

The countertop is one of the most stressed elements in the kitchen. Depending on the material and surface structure of the kitchen countertop, careful care is therefore particularly important. In this way, you can keep the functionality and the beautiful look of your countertop for many years.

A countertop with a marble look is very easy to care for because it is durable, waterproof, and dirt-repellent. This is a clear advantage over real marble, as the soft natural stone is more susceptible to stains, oils, acids, scratches, and cuts.

A mild detergent is sufficient to clean your marble-look countertop. You can remove more stubborn stains with a glass cleaner, for example. If necessary, leave the cleaner on for a while. After cleaning, briefly rub the surface dry.

Note: It is better to avoid harsh cleaning agents or organic solvents, as these can attack the surface of the plate. If possible, also avoid cleaning agents with a scouring effect such as hard sponges or scouring pads. These can leave scratches through which moisture and germs can penetrate the worktop.

High-quality countertops are very heat-resistant. However, hot pots and pans can sometimes discolor the countertop. If possible, never place hot cookware directly on the countertop, but ideally use a coaster.

Real marble countertop – the disadvantages

The countertop with a marble look is therefore a good alternative to real marble slabs. But what actually speaks against a countertop made of marble?

Probably the biggest disadvantage of a countertop made of marble is the high maintenance effort. Since marble is a fairly soft natural stone, the material is prone to scratches and minor damage. In addition, marble is anything but insensitive to stains. Oil, acids, and moisture can easily penetrate the surface of the marble slab and leave marks.

Care should also be taken when cleaning marble. Due to its soft nature, the rock is sensitive to acidic cleaning and care products. In order for the stone countertop made of marble to remain beautiful for a long time, permanent and intensive care is necessary.

Added to this is the rather high price for a marble slab. Countertops with a marble look are therefore a more suitable alternative for anyone who values ​​inexpensive and easy-care materials in the kitchen.

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