Quartz Countertops
November 9, 2017
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November 9, 2017

Deciding on a kitchen or bathroom countertop can be a very hard decision to make.  The wrong type of countertop can make or break the overall look of the space.  Granite and marble were always the firm favorites, but due to cost homeowners are always on the lookout for alternatives.  Hence, quartz gaining in popularity over the last few years.

Quartz countertops have gained popularity recently due to the aesthetics of the surface, durability and the material does not have the same disadvantages as natural stone products.  In the past, it was not considered as it lacked the same patterns and colors found in natural stone products.  However, that is no longer the case as the modern manufacturing process offers multiple hues with enough patterns and markings that make it very difficult to tell the difference between quartz countertops and other natural stone products.  Quartz is also known as engineered stone and is a product offered by Discover Granite.

The engineered stone or quartz countertops are made with 90% ground quartz, which is the hardest natural mineral on earth.  8 to 10 percent are resins, polymers, and pigments – this mixture forms a hard and durable granite-like material.

This material is attractive to the eye and pleasant to the touch.  Previously quartz was only available in a polished finish, now you can order the surface ina matte, sandblasted or embossed finish.  Due to the engineering process, there is a wide variety of colors that you will not find with natural stone.  Quartz countertops are durable in the same way as granite and concrete but will not damage easily.  The surface is stain resistant and can withstand water and other liquid products, such as juice, wine, coffee, and detergents.  Also, very little maintenance is required as quartz does not have to be sealed like other natural stone products and cement.

There are hardly any disadvantages to having quartz countertops in your home.  The biggest drawback would be the cost.  Although the cost is relatively high, it is less expensive than natural stone products like granite and marble.

The look of quartz countertops ismodern, however, some homeowners will still prefer natural stone materials as the seams of the manufacturing process of quartz can sometimes be seen.  Although for most homeowners this is a small imperfection they are willing to overlook.  Also, quartz countertops are not as resistant to hear at granite hence caution is advised when using hot pots and pans in the kitchen or curling irons in the bathroom.

One more thing to remember is that quartz countertops do not fare well outdoors.  Direct sun will cause the material to discolor, warp and crack.  It is advisable to use quartz in your kitchen and bathroom only.

For homeowners looking for an upscale, modern look with little to no maintenance, quartz countertops are the perfect option.  There are a few drawbacks however if you are willing to overlook them, quartz countertops are the way to go.

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