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November 9, 2017
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November 13, 2017

2017 is the year of the kitchen in Woodbridge, VA.  With all the hottest trends coming alive in kitchen all over, it’s no wonder people are hiring contractors and builders to get their kitchen as modern as they dream.  2017 is full of new and upcoming trends for the kitchen but the kitchens in Woodbridge VA has quickly become recognized as meeting the trending standards for the modern kitchen.  From lighting to granite countertops these kitchens are sure to impress your guest.

Lights Camera Action

You are well aware of that feeling of awe you get when you walk into a room and there is this magnificent lighting fixture in the middle of the room that just demands your attention.  The rest of the room may be a little simple but the right lighting can add the perfect touch to your kitchen.  There are many many options out there to set the right mood for your space so the style selection could leave you with endless possibilities.  From gorgeous chandeliers to under cabinet LED lighting. You will be sure to find the right light for your space.

Dont Shut Me In

Space space and more space.  When it comes to our kitchens, we are often taxed with the problem of not enough space.  But with all the new options for shelving and storage now, I am sure you will not have any problem finding the right storage solution for you.  One that is trending now in Woodbridge VA is the open shelving.  This option is sleek and modern and allows you to have that extra storage space.  These open shelf plans are really becoming popular in some of the newest kitchens today.

Shades of Gray

Gray is really becoming another popular trend in kitchens now a days.  More often you are finding kitchens that are working with the color blocking idea.  They are focusing on kitchens that are black and white, dark gray on light and even black and gray. These modern color blocking styles are really hot for the 2017 kitchen trends.

Solid Foundations

Over the years we have seen a lot of different ideas hit the floor.  We been through the whole linoleum, carpet and tile floors.  But this year you are seeing the wood floors extend further than just the dining room.  More and more homeowners are moving the wood floors to the kitchen. Even though you will still see some of the other styles still working with modern kitchen you will notice more and more wood flooring.

Granite Me One Wish

I am sure you have walked into someone’s kitchen at one point in time and thought that they had the best kitchen countertops of all.  Maybe at the time you didn’t know what they were made of but chances are if it was in the past couple of years, they were probably granite kitchen countertops.  This trend hit kitchen countertops by storm and continues to be a big trendsetter yet in 2017.  Granite kitchen countertops can range in price and are available in a variety of colors that will fit your kitchen.  There are several contractors near Woodbridge, VA that can help you find your perfect granite kitchen countertop.  While some of the newest trendsetters are moving away from granite it is still very popular.

2017 is a trending year for the kitchens.  There is always something new and exciting to do to make your kitchen as absolutely perfect as you can dream.

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