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December 10, 2017
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There are hundreds of options for having a countertop that works for you in your kitchen, with so many colours, textures and patterns the options are endless – there are also materials starting from natural stone and also acrylic sheets etc.

Natural Stone

One of the most popular and common materials for kitchen countertops in Woodbridge are the natural stone type materials that make the countertop look elegant and natural. The stone includes granite, slate and soapstone as the main materials available. Granite has proven to work for many people in their kitchen and is the most popular stone countertop used.

These types of counters can be purchased generally through local fabricators, for example in Woodbridge the kitchen countertops are available and can there are many showrooms that can present the granite counters along with other materials. The granite comes in various colours such as exciting blues, brown, deep red and many more.

Solid Surfaces

The Kitchen Countertops in Woodbridge provide all solid materials from 100% acrylic, 100% polyester. Materials such as Corian, Gibraltar, Avonite and Carian are available and are made from the top materials, therefore resistant towards the countertops getting easy stained and starched; which ultimately avoids repairs or getting a completely new countertop.

If these types of surfaces do get scratches or burns they can be sanded and repaired subtly this way as the seams as conjoined to form joints that are undetectable. The materials are often available in many different colours and patterns that also resemble natural stone designs.


Wood is generally a more traditional kitchen countertop that is not as often used these days but offers a dynamic and old style look that works for certain homeowners and companies. Wood is also perceived has being easily attacked by germs and bacteria therefore people steer away from having them, however studies have found that the bacteria is eliminated within three minutes of exposure from the wood.

Wood is a bacteria safe material that will allow for smooth working of a kitchen and can maintain its appearance without being easily damaged. The option for a glossy finish is often given but this can rule out the natural element of the wood and just the wood itself can look great for a kitchen countertop.


The concrete countertops for kitchens are similar to natural stone and are popular amongst businesses and homeworkers. These days concrete countertops are more developed and materials are used with much more endurance to accommodate kitchens. Many workshops are working to provide the best product and deliver concrete worktops.

With the concrete countertops there are many benefits that are overlooked such as that they are smooth and flat for all kinds of tasks that are performed in the kitchen when cooking.  Homeowners can have the comfort of knowing that this type of material is not out-dated and can provide them with a unique and elegant look. Concrete countertops are often defaulted to a specific colour, however manufactures are able to provide other colours.

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