Why Marble is the Best Material for Bathroom Vanity Tops
December 27, 2017
Bathroom vanity tops in Woodbridge, VA
January 15, 2018

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of a household that can enhance the overall outlook of your home. The kitchen countertops are a great medium to refine the appearance of your kitchen. In older times, the kitchen countertops consisted of the typical green or pale yellow countertops, which made the kitchen, look dull and lifeless. Simply replacing the old countertops with the newly popularized Quartz Countertops Manassas can make a difference and prove worthwhile in giving a glorifying look to the kitchen.

The Quartz Countertops Manassas are not built with 100% pure quartz stone but rather it is mixed with 7% resin, that is the reason they are known as manufactured products. But, inspite of it being a mixture, it turns out to be pretty attractive. The Quartz Countertops Manassas is created in a diverse range of colors to match the interiors of your home. The look of the finished product turns out to be royal and splendid. Moreover, the product provides more flexibility when it comes to designing.

The quartz countertops are actually a much durable option for your pantry then granite and other stones and it is extremely low on maintenance. The manufactured variety is the first choice of kitchen installers, as these countertops are easier to work on and can sustain better designing. The non-porous material turns out to be pretty clean with a simple wipe as it doesn’t stain like granite or other stones. So any fatal spill of wine or juice won’t make your countertop dirty. Additionally, the non-porous surface also prevents bacterial or virus infestation and doesn’t even need any sealing.The tough material is hard to sustain normal wear and tear, so you don’t need to worry about chips and cracks happening on your countertops.

During the launch phase of the material, the quartz was known to lack color and pattern variations that are available with marbles and granites. But, with people getting more serious about their countertops, manufacturers started offering multicolor slabs with swirls, flecks and more, to make it at par with other natural stones. The quartz countertops are now available with embossed, polished, sandblasted treatments to match it with the appearance of other natural stones. The quartz also works well when it comes to designing of the kitchen; the material allows bending and shaping across sinks or other areas. Even the product works well on floors and walls. The versatility of the stone makes it a popular choice among masses.

The quartz countertops are heavier than granite and can crack if mishandled, so it requires professional intervention to install the product successfully. In order to keep the material look like new, the countertop needs to be protected against sunlight. The UV rays of the sun cause discoloration of the material. Moreover, choosing a dark-colored quartz countertop will prove better as it will hide the seam more thanthematerial of lighter color. For securing a modern look for the household, the quartz countertops are much worthy of consideration as it gives a very natural look to the entire kitchen.

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