Natural Stone Countertops Fascinate With Their Natural Beauty. Whether Rustic Country House Style Or Exclusive Luxury Kitchen. A Natural Stone Countertop Fits Into Almost Every Kitchen And Is Therefore Flexible In Use
February 11, 2020
Whoever thinks of the elegant stone marble usually has the spotless white natural stone from the Italian Carrara in mind. This is one of the most famous marble stones in the world. Whether staircases or artistic buildings or even in the form of marble countertops for the kitchen: marble is used where elegance and style are required.
March 7, 2020

The natural aesthetics and sheer beauty of Granite can be enjoyed from the floor to the ceiling in a bathroom. A few great examples are Granite tub surrounds, Granite shower enclosures, and Granite vanity tops.

Before a granite countertop is installed in a kitchen, the material has come a long way. More than two kilometers below the earth's surface, the natural stone is created from liquid magma and then solidifies on its way to the surface. Granite is therefore one of the magmatic rocks. But granite is not only old, it is also a very hard material. This is exactly why the material is so well suitable for the home kitchen. Unlike the soft stones marble and limestone, you do not have to fear dents or scratches on granite countertops. Granite is scratch- and cut-resistant and is also neutral in taste. Even hot pots and pans do not cause any damage thanks to the heat-resistant stone surface. Since granite slabs do not contain lime, they are quite insensitive to acids, oils and fats. Like any natural stone, granite also requires regular care.


Granite comes in a wide range of colors, from bluish to gray and yellow, making granite worktops suitable for different kitchen designs and planning forms. Whether modern designer kitchen or rustic house kitchen: the natural stone harmonizes with almost every kitchen design.

Equally, important with granite countertops is the processing of the surface. The kitchen countertops can always be delivered polished. This gives the natural stone a glossy surface and makes it look particularly elegant. Matt ground countertops, on the other hand, are particularly suitable for setting exciting tones in kitchens with glossy kitchen fronts. It should be noted that smooth glossy granites are easier to clean than matt surfaces due to their even surface texture.


- Wide range of colors and luxury look
- Hardstone with scratch and cut resistant surface
- Heat resistant
- Quite resistant to acids

- Regular care and waterproofing recommended to protect against stains
Blog Source: Premium Granite
Image: Lechner

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