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October 5, 2023
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If you’re considering new countertops and want a predominantly white surface that goes with everything, you may find yourself looking for white granite countertops. After all, granite is a popular countertop known for its durability, longevity, and natural stone appearance. Although not pure white granite, many granite options feature white or off-white backgrounds to enhance your kitchen and bathroom interiors. In this article, we’ll look at ten popular white granite countertops so you can decide whether white granite is the best option for your kitchen or bathroom design.

White Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are not completely white; instead, they present a white or off-white background with distinct veins and flecks of contrasting colors. Since granite is a natural stone extracted from underground, no two granite slabs are the same. However, there are some excellent options that will complement a variety of cabinets, fixtures, faucets, and design styles.


Dallas White is a very popular white granite mined in Brazil. The creamy white background features light gray and subtle veins of lavender and mineral deposits that create large-scale patterns and accents that blend with various design elements.


Brazilian Andiono White granite has a white or gray background accented by charcoal, black, beige and warm brown tones. The combination of neutral colors pairs well with many different cabinets and color schemes, including dark or black cabinets, wood, and neutral paint colors.


Moon white granite originates from India and features fine grains and swirls of creamy ivory, shiny silver, and carbon black on a mostly white surface. You’ll also find garnet and burgundy stains that add visual interest to this popular countertop. Some boards may even have dark blue tones.



White Ice, also known as Aspen White, also comes from Brazil. This granite has a cool steel gray and white background flecked with black and shiny quartz deposits. It adds a sense of luxury to many interiors and can complement modern and urban designs and fittings.


Arctic Valley White granite adds appealing sophistication for a soft, more formal look. The white background features fluid gray and black accents and unique sparkling mineral deposits. Darker veins add movement, depth and a sense of luxury to this striking stone option. Like many other white granite options, Arctic Valley comes from Brazil.


Brazilian Avalon White granite offers a warm, creamy, off-white base with dark gray and black veins that provide a perfect stone appearance. This color fits well in rustic and traditional-style spaces.


It may be called Alaska White, but most of these granite slabs are imported from quarries in India and Brazil. Alaskan White granite is a premium stone with a dull white surface complemented by accents in warmer tones. Rough to very rough layers of rich taupe, gray and black contrast beautifully with the silvery white background.


Another Brazilian import, Bianco White Romano is a creamy white or light gray granite with subtle shades of dark brown and black flecks. This granite adds warmth and shine to kitchen and bathroom interiors.


Stormy gray swirls in New River White granite gather on a snowy white surface to create a versatile countertop surface that is dynamic and transcendent. Small-scale red flecks dot the surface for added appeal.


Originating in South India, Colonial White granite has a variety of names, including Platinum White, New Imperial White, and Buckingham White. The pale gray and white background includes splashes of black, burgundy and blue for a truly flexible palette.

White Countertop Alternatives That Look Like Granite


As you can see, there are plenty of white and off-white granite options to complement almost any design. If you want a modern countertop surface, quartz countertops are a great alternative.

Quartz countertops, which are as durable as granite, have extremely hard polymers and pigments. The quartz manufacturing process allows for a variety of colors and styles, including brilliant and pure white options.

If you’re interested in white countertop options that can meet your daily needs, check out white quartz options.

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